Organized Programs
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Established in 1934, Thammasat University was founded for the public, to promote education and knowledge, and to provide an institution open to all. It was a pioneering institution in making higher education available to women. TBS and the MIF program seeks to carry on the commitment to aid the public in encouraging its faculty, staff, and students to participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities through its operational code of conduct and in volunteering programs.


MIF’s organized CSR program are divided into two main categories:

1. Finance and the community

In support of financial education that aids the community, the program seeks to:

  • Include the discussion of finance and ethics in class where possible
  • Organization of seminars to the general public on financial research and applications
  • Occasional lectures and talks on finance, development, and ethics
  • Fund CSR volunteer projects

2. Environmental sustainability

The program seeks to conduct its operations by considering  their environmental and ecological aspects and impacts with the following: 

  • Using electronic data to reduce paper use; for example paperless meetings, and student e-announcements
  • Using double-sided paper to print
  • Encourage travel using sustainable forms of transport through the promotion of walking, public transport, and car-pooling.