MIF Admission 2020

The application is available now until April 30, 2020 (extending from March 31, 2020).

For a qualified MIF applicants, you MUST have either SMART-II with a minimum total score of 350 and a minimum score of 100 in each part or TU-GET (paper-based) with a minimum total score of 500. You will be invited to do an interview exam. Please see the important note below.

Important note: If you are planning on taking SMART-II or TU-GET (paper-based test), because the university has postponed it, the submission of score will be waived for now. We will invite you to do an interview and then determine if you are eligible for the program. But you MUST take SMART-II or TU-GET at first available and meet the minimum requirements. The result of SMART-II or TU-GET shall be submitted by July 31, 2020. You will register and proceed as a regular student.

Please follow the application procedure below.

1. Complete the online application form through Applicants must upload files all supporting documents to the system by Sunday, May 3, 2020

2. In addition, applicants must send all supporting documents to as follows: (see example below)

E-mail subject: Applicant ID - Supporting documents
Ex. 08-00xx - Supporting documents (documents and photo)

Proof of quantitative tests and English proficiency (scan from original documents)

  1. Proof of SMART-II or GMAT score or GRE score (a print screen of SMART-II score is acceptable)
  2. Proof of TU-GET or IELTS or TOEFL score (a print screen of TU-GET score is acceptable)


  1. Applicant personal information (download from MIF applicant persornal information formPlease type in PDF form)
  2. A copy of transcript
  3. A copy of National ID Card or Passport (for foreign applications)
  4. A color photograph 1.5 inch (3 cm x 4 cm) file .jpg, resolution not less than 600 dpi, wear shirt without patterns, straight face, not wearing academic gown.
  5. Two letters of recommendation (download from Confidential letter of recommendation formPlease type in PDF form). The referees can directly send the recommendation letter to

3. Attend the MIF interview. Interview examination will be conducted by the MIF admission committee which will be announced through

Download MIF brochure